The Alpine Club of Canada is a collection of local communities around the country who are passionate about climbing and alpine environments.

Our Community Publications

The ACC’s Mountain Culture Committee aims to celebrate the club’s relevance to Canadian culture through the presentation of literature, art, history and heritage, mountain related science, and exchanges of ideas with other alpine organizations. A large portion of the Mountain Culture portfolio is the publication of original, high-quality mountain writing in books and periodicals.

Canadian Alpine Journal

Published annually since 1907, The Canadian Alpine Journal is the flagship publication of the ACC. It is the permanent record of the biggest ascents, finest photography and most inspiring accomplishments. The CAJ is equal parts detailed route descriptions, introspective writing, science and humour.

The ACC Gazette

The Gazette covers current club events, true adventure stories submitted by members from across the country and around the globe, safety tips, gear hints, history, scientific and cultural issues pertaining to the mountain environment, as well as section news and classified ads. It is published in March, July and November.

The Summit Series

Launched in 1999, the Summit Series is a collection of biographies of people who have made a difference in Canadian mountaineering, most of whom have been Patron of a Mountain Guides Ball.

Aspects Blog and Newsletters

Aspects Blog

With 16,000 members in 25 sections across the country, the ACC has no shortage of stories to tell!

Many of the stories you’ll read on Aspects are submissions from our members, ambassadors, staff and volunteers.

Are you an ACC member interested in contributing? To find out more about how to submit your story for consideration click here.


The ACC offers various newsletters, each offering tailored content to keep you in the know.  

Our Events

Summit Shaker

The ACC and the Association of Canadian Mountain Guides (ACMG) bring together the mountain community to celebrate our mountain culture and raise funds.

Each year the ACC and mountain guide communities get together to renew bonds, share stories, celebrate accomplishments.

Banff Mountain Festivals

The ACC is a proud sponsor of the Banff Mountain Festivals. We have been involved with the Festivals since their inception and annually present the prizes for the best film on climbing and the Best Book.

Volunteer Awards

Volunteers are the heart and soul of The Alpine Club of Canada. Season to season, day in and day out for over a century, our volunteers run the sections, write articles, lead trips, protect the alpine environment and demonstrate their commitment to the club.

Financial Grants

The Alpine Club of Canada maintains or administers permanent funds to which people may apply for financial support for their mountain-related projects and initiatives.

Support is provided in the form of annual cash grants and scholarships to individuals and groups who are judged as best meeting the selection criteria.