Columbia Mountains

Columbia Mountains

The Columbia Mountains Section of the ACC is based in Revelstoke and includes the surrounding mountain areas of the Caribou, Monashee, Selkirk and Purcell Ranges. The section was the 24th regional section of the ACC, added in 2018.

Membership Rates

A $5 discount on the above rates will apply if a Section Membership is purchased at the same time as a National Membership. 

Huts And Other Activities

The section is active in the mountain biking, alpine climbing, rock climbing, hiking, backpacking and backcountry skiing that the area is known for. Check out the schedule of activities on our website!

Meetings and Socials

Location and timing of monthly meetings will be announced on the section’s website. All members are invited to attend any meetings and the minutes will be available online for the members to review.

Trip Schedule

The section will be offering beginner and intermediate outings, including youth programs, as well as volunteer trail, hut, and maintenance work parties. The section will also be offering personal development training courses to educate and train our future trip leaders. More info on trip schedule will be posted on the Trips and Events page of the section’s website.