Board and Committees

The ACC Board

The Alpine Club of Canada is overseen by a volunteer Board of Directors made up of nine positions. Board members are elected for a three-year term with elections staggered such that one third of the board positions are elected each year. A list of past presidents can be found on the Past Presidents page

Board Responsibilities

The ACC Board provides Strategic Leadership by setting direction, making and overseeing policy, and contributing to strategy decision, while also overseeing and monitoring organizational performance and ensuring overall organization accountability. These areas of focus will enable management to run the day-to-day operations of the organization. 
The board as a whole is responsible for the following duties:
  • Be involved in setting and approving the organization’s mission and direction. 
  • Hire, support, and assess the performance of the Executive Director.
  • Be involved in the development of and approve the 3-year strategic plan.
  • Ensure the organization is regularly assessing and mitigating risk.
  • Approve yearly budgets and strategic plans, ensuring effective organizational planning to achieve the tangible milestones and goals outlined in each yearly budget.
  • Ensure adequate resources for the organization to fulfill its mission, working in partnership with the chief executive and development staff, if any, to raise funds from the community.
  • Review Quarterly performance against yearly budget and milestones.
  • Ensure legal and ethical integrity and maintain accountability of the Club, staff, contractors, and members.
  • Recruit and orient new Board members and assess Board performance.
  • Offer insight and assist in decision making for the Executive Director as required.

Board Members

Isabelle Daigneault

Board Member Since: 2006
Known in her professional life as a caring leader, Daigneault is no stranger to the ACC, or to the board of directors. She’s been a member for 25 years and served 13 years on the board overseeing portfolios of Access & Environment, Mountain Culture and most recently the club’s governance through her role as club Secretary from 2014 to 2019, leaving the board at the end of her term. Isabelle grew up in Quebec’s Eastern townships. Spending the formative year of her life in Toronto and Montreal, she spent many years climbing, hiking and skiing in the Laurentians and the Adirondacks. She now lives in Canmore with her husband and pre-teen son Simon.

Tim Patterson

Vice-President for Mountain Culture
Tim is a working Indigenous A.C.M.G. guide who owns and operates Zùc’mn (Zuc’min) Guiding an Indigenous company that endeavours to advance Indigenous mountain knowledge and culture. His experiences, practices, narratives, and knowledge of living, working, and tramping in the mountains began with many (mis)adventures in the Columbia, Cascade, Coastal and Rocky Mountains.

Kathleen Lane

Vice-President for Activities
Kathleen Lane moved to Squamish 10 years ago, and quickly fell in love with mountain adventures. Kathleen joined the ACC in 2017, quickly becoming a trip leader with the Vancouver and Squamish sections, and later Chair of the Squamish section. She spends her summers rock climbing and her winters skiing, and tries to spend as much time in the alpine as possible. Kathleen is a not-for-profit executive, working with school districts and governments to foster healthier workplace environments in K-12 education.

Jim Gudjonson

Vice-President for Facilites​
Board Member Since: 2015
Born and raised in Golden, BC, Jim is a certified ACMG/IFMGA mountain guide and long-time member of the ACC. Jim holds an electrical degree as well as a Masters degree in tourism and sustainability. Jim is presently the Director of the Office of Environment & Sustainability at Thompson Rivers University in Kamloops, BC.

Keith Sanford

Keith Sanford has held several positions on the Calgary Section board, including Vice Chairman and volunteer trip leader. Keith has served as the ACC representative on the board of the Canadian Alpine Centre in Lake Louise and has been the Calgary Section representative on the ACC’s board of directors (now Section Forum). He is an avid backcountry snowboarder (and sometimes skier), rock climber, alpinist and fly fisherman and has been an active member of the ACC for 18 years. In 2014 he received the Silver Rope for Leadership award for his activities with the Calgary Section.

Patrick Murdoch

Vice-President for Services & Athletics
Climber, alpinist and skier for over 35 years. Throughout this time, mountain culture has provided Patrick a foundation for lasting friendships, community, and countless adventures. Climbing and alpinism, along with the values promoted by these pursuits and enshrined in the ACC, continue to inspire him.

John Andresen

Vice-President for Access & Environment​
John was born in Germany and came to Canada at an early age. He has been a member of the Alpine Club of Canada for thirty years, participating in at least 20 GMCs. He retired from the practice of law in April 2022 and now divides his time between High River, Alberta, and the village of Tahsis on the west side of Vancouver Island, near Strathcona Provincial Park. He has written for the Canadian Alpine Journal and for Alpinist magazine and hopes to write more in the future. John is grateful for all that the Alpine Club has given him, what he’s been able to see and experience in our high places and the friendships that have been forged there. In his time on the Alpine Club Board, he hopes to repay a little of that great gift the mountains has given him.

Richard Campbell

Board Member Since: 2019
Richard Campbell joined the ACC in 2004, and is a trip leader with the Calgary Section, where he introduces new ski tourers to the Canadian Rockies. Richard is the founder of an adventure travel company and an alumnus of Harvard Business School and London Business School, where he was a Sloan Fellow. When not working, he can be found exploring the Rockies with his family.

Emilie Grenier

Vice-President for Sections​
Emilie has been a long time member of the ACC, with past experience in the ACC Governance Committee. When she’s not on Zoom calls, you can find her pursuing her passion for ice climbing near Golden, BC—her home base.

Carine Salvy

Executive Director​
Carine brings a diverse background to the ED role with more than 25 years of experience in executive management, corporate governance and leadership in the outdoor industry. Carine was most recently the CEO and co-founder of Mountain Path, a France-based company that works to develop responsible leadership within organizations through experiential learning activities in the mountains. Carine is fluent in French, English and Spanish and is actively involved in the local community, serving on the board of some of the Bow Valley’s not for profit organizations.

Board Committees

The Board of Directors of the Alpine Club of Canada can convene board committees on a permanent basis (Standing Committees) or a temporary, ad hoc basis to address a specific, single event or issue. These ad hoc committees meet for a few months and then disband once their task is completed. The Board may decide to change some of these committees into Standing Committees that meet on a more regular basis.

ACC members who have an aptitude for these portfolios, as well as a desire to volunteer for the club are encouraged to learn about the committees below and reach out via the contact information provided to express their interest in being involved.

The ACC sincerely thanks all of the volunteers who make our club successful.

Nomination Committee

The Nomination Committee will ensure that the Board and its committees are made up of members with appropriate skills, diverse backgrounds, and appropriate regional representation, is driven by the strategic priorities of the Club and ensure that Board composition complies with the Club’s By-Laws and Governance Policies from time to time. 


The Nomination Committee shall consist of a chair, nominated by the President, and  approved by the Board, and such other members, appointed by the chair of the committee. 

Access & Environment Committee

The purpose of the Access and Environment Committee is to undertake projects and initiatives that:

  1. Promote low impact self-propelled access and travel in alpine environments to members and the Canadian public;
  2. Contribute to the diffusion of mountain science and knowledge of mountain environments to members and the Canadian public. 

The Access and Environment Committee shall consist of 3 – 5 members having a strong interest in preserving and protecting the alpine environment. It will be Chaired by the Vice President of Access and Environment. 

Audit & Finance Committee

The purpose of the Audit and Finance Committee is to ensure oversight and stewardship of the Club’s financial information, control systems, budgeting, external audit, fund management, and risk management. 


The Audit and Finance Committee shall consist of 3 – 7 members having strong financial skills, and shall be chaired by the Treasurer. 

Awards Committee

The purpose of the Awards Committee is to oversee the ACC National Awards Program through supporting solicitation of nominations, evaluation of nominations, and suggesting updates and improvements to the Awards program. 


The Awards Committee shall consist of not less than five and not more than seven ACC members in good standing.  The committee will strive for balance by region, language and gender and overall diversityIt is chaired by the Vice-President Services & Athletics, who has a non-voting role in the annual awarding process. 

Committee Members

Amber McMinn, Vancouver Section
David Zemrau, Edmonton Section
Isabelle Diagneault
Jeffrey Dmytrowich, Saskatchewan Section
Dave McCormick, Saskatchewan Section
Paul Geddes, Vancouver and Toronto Sections
Ron Rusk, Toronto Section
Toby Harper-Merritt

Code of Conduct Committee

The purpose of the Code of Conduct Committee is to ensure that the Alpine Club of Canada fulfills its obligation to provide a safe and welcoming environment for its employees, contractors, volunteers, members, guests and activity participants by outlining acceptable conduct per the Member Code of Conduct and providing recourse for infractions thereof. 


The Code of Conduct Committee shall consist of three members including one Board member, one senior employee and one volunteer having some expertise in human resources. 

Fund Development Committee

The Fund Development Committee provides direction and support to help the ACC adhere to fundraising best practices. The Fund Development Committee creates, directs, and monitors a comprehensive fund development plan.  


The Fund Development Committee shall consist of a chair, nominated by the President, and approved by the Board, and such other members, appointed by the chair of the committee. 

GMC Committee

The General Mountaineering Camp (GMC) has been an Alpine Club of Canada tradition since 1906. The GMC is about climbing mountains with old and new friends. It is about taking club members to mountains and places they would have difficulty organizing on their own. It is about learning mountain craft. It is about telling and listening to stories. It is about meeting and climbing with people that are new to the mountains, as well as those who have made the mountains their lives for sixty or more years. The purpose of the General Mountaineering Committee is to provide the expertise to plan and operate the annual General Mountaineering Camp 


The General Mountaineering Committee consists of five to seven members who have sufficient knowledge of the General Mountaineering Camp history and operations. The Chair of the General Mountaineering Committee is appointed by the Board of Directors of the Alpine Club of Canada. Members of the General Mountaineering Committee are appointed by the Chair of the General Mountaineering Committee. National Office representation and the Vice President of Activities will also be included as an ex-officio member. The committee membership represents its constituencies, participants, volunteers and amateur leaders, paid camp staff, guides and national office staff.

Governance Committee

The purpose of the Governance Committee is to ensure that the Board fulfills its legal, ethical, and functional responsibilities through appropriate governance, and operational oversight. 


The Governance Committee shall consist of 3 – 7 members having some expertise in Board governance, particularly in the non-profit sector, and shall be chaired by the Secretary. 

Leadership Development Committee

The purpose of the Leadership Development Committee is to promote and facilitate the delivery of leadership related training to ACC members across Canada through the Alpine Club of Canada/The North Face (ACC/TNF) Leadership courses, the National Leadership and Technical Training Development (LTTD) program, seminars, written materials and other formats determined by the committee. 


The Leadership Development Committee will be chaired by the Vice President of Activities. The Vice President of Activities may appoint a committee co-chair if desired. The Leadership Development Committee consists of five to seven members and may include a designated representative of the national office as an ex-officio member. The Leadership Development Committee chairperson(s) will appoint volunteer members of the committee from ACC volunteers from across Canada. 

Committee Members

Kathleen Lane, Squamish Section
Nick Buda, Thunder Bay Section
Jeff Dmytrowich, Saskatchewan Section
Tara McConnery, Services Director – National Office

Mountain Culture Committee

The Mountain Culture Committee is a project-based committee that works to promote and preserve the Alpine Club of Canada and Canadian mountaineering culture. 


The Mountain Culture Committee shall consist of 4-6 volunteer members having some expertise in and commitment to Canadian mountain culture. 

Safety Committee

The purpose of the Safety Committee is to foster and promote safety in the mountain activities of the Alpine Club of Canada. The Alpine Club of Canada (ACC or “the club”) promotes and organizes mountain activities through the National Office and local sections. For the Club to prosper and grow, diverse mountain activities must be available to the members in a safe and enjoyable manner. A commitment to safety in the pursuit of mountain activities is one of the core values of the Alpine Club of Canada. All mountain activities by their very nature are hazardous, risky and can never be completely safe. Yet it is paramount for the Alpine Club of Canada to strive for a high level of safety in all its activities. 


The Safety Committee consists of five to seven members from different sections, bringing a variety of experiences and skills to the committee and representing a mix of local sections. The Chair of the Safety Committee is appointed by the Board of Directors of the ACC. Members of the Safety Committee are appointed by the Chair of the Safety Committee. Members can be nominated by the committee, individual Alpine Club members or by local sections. The Vice President of Activities will also be included as an ex-officio member. 

Committee Members
David Roe, Calgary Section
Helen Tsai, Ottawa Section
Andrew Osinski, Vancouver Section
Kate Snedeker, Calgary Section
Rob Chatfield, Rocky Mountain Section
Greg Locke, Newfoundland Section


Section Forum

The ACC’s Section Forum is comprised of one representative from each Alpine Club of Canada section. The Forum meets in person semi-annually to share their initiatives, create solutions to section concerns, and provide input and feedback to the Board of Directors on issues and policies that affect the membership. The Vice President for Sections ensures Section-to-Board communication.

Section representatives are either the Chair of a respective section or are appointed by their section. Questions regarding a specific section may be directed to its representative. For information on each of our sections visit our Regional Sections page.

Section Representatives:
  • Yukon: John Serjeantson
  • Vancouver Island: Christine Fordham
  • Vancouver: Ian MacNab
  • Whistler: Bryce Leigh
  • Squamish: Scott MacPhearson
  • Okanagan: Dave Henwood
  • Prince George: Chris Wagner
  • Columbia Mountains: Kirsten Silfvenius
  • Jasper/Hinton: Claire Levesque
  • Rocky Mountain: Tana Stratton
  • Edmonton: David Moon
  • Central Alberta: Keenan Hosking
  • Bugaboos: Josh Lavigne
  • Calgary: Brett Bilon
  • Southern Alberta: Randy Leavitt
  • Saskatchewan: Don Chodzicki
  • Great Plains: Mike Wild
  • Manitoba: Simon Statkewich
  • Saint-Boniface: Trisha Burch
  • Thunder Bay: Frank Pianka
  • Toronto: Mylissa Prisner
  • Ottawa: Bill Barrett
  • Outaouais: Cindy Doyle
  • Montreal: Luc Raymond
  • Newfoundland & Labrador: Madison Bailey