Thunder Bay

Thunder Bay

The Thunder Bay Section actively promotes the city and region as a climbing destination with unique benefits. Hundreds of rock and ice routes are established in the area, most have short approaches, and there are no avalanches to spoil the day! With about 150 members, the Section is active in running events and projects, new route development, upgrading anchors on established climbs, publishing guidebooks, building a library of resources, and promoting climbing as a life-style activity in the local education system.

Membership Rates

A $5 discount on the above rates will apply if a Section Membership is purchased at the same time as a National Membership. 

Huts And Other Activities

Section members have the opportunity to participate locally in first-rate courses, clinics and workshops to improve their skills for safe enjoyment of the vertical environment. The Section demonstrates its commitment to the region’s resources through stewardship of local crags, participation in Project Peregrine, and establishment of a cache of rescue gear, “Project OBEEK”, in the Orient Bay area.

Meetings and Socials

The Section hosts the annual “Best of the Banff Festival of Mountain Films”. With an ideal venue at the community auditorium, the “film fest” has become a record-breaking, don’t-miss event. The ACC website has channeled many enquiries about climbing in the Thunder Bay area to the Section, and each season the Section looks forward to helping visitors discover the endless possibilities for adventure in the area. Many climbers hosted by the ACC in Thunder Bay have returned home with new friendships and plans to return to the area.

Trip Schedule

An Events Calendar is posted on the Section website.