Located in the rock climbing mecca of Canada, the Squamish section of the Alpine Club of Canada is well situated for trips, courses, and social events.

At the heart of every section is information sharing. Join the Squamish section for courses to learn the basics of mountain travel from our experience club volunteers, or sign up for a guided course! We have plans for both!

Don’t want to buy an inReach for two weekends per year? Neither would we! We have not-so-distant gear sharing plans in the works for ACC members, so you no longer have to skimp on snow pickets or ice-screws!

Membership Rates

A $5 discount on the above rates will apply if a Section Membership is purchased at the same time as a National Membership. 

Huts And Other Activities

One of the most basic and most fundamental reasons people join are trips. Want to join or lead a Squamish trip? We’ve got you covered! Check out our upcoming events in Groups Place.

Meetings and Socials

Learn about tips that people have embarked on across the country and leave with a full cup of motivation to get outside yourself. Stay tuned on Facebook for information about our next get-together.

Trip Schedule

Check out our upcoming events in Groups Place!