The Manitoba Section was created in 1907, following the meeting that formed the ACC in Winnipeg in 1906. Initially, the Section coordinated Manitoban extensive exploratory mountaineering in Western Canada. The Section offers year-round club activities including rock and ice climbing, cross-country skiing and mountaineering in Canada and U.S.

Membership Rates

A $5 discount on the above rates will apply if a Section Membership is purchased at the same time as a National Membership. 

Huts And Other Activities

In addition to its trip schedule the Section holds skill-developing courses and workshops: Climbing skills and safety workshops Instructor certification courses First-aid courses

Meetings and Socials

The Section’s current activities are volunteer-based running climbs for beginners and experts, both locally in northwest Ontario and farther afield. There are general meetings and social evenings are held each year. The bottom line is fun. The Section hosts annual special events:
  • The Banff Festival of Mountain Films
  • Radical Reels Film Tour
  • Slide show presentations from renowned climbers and mountaineers

Trip Schedule

A Calendar of Events is posted on the Section Website.