Vincent Lauzon

ACMG Apprentice Alpine Guide

Vince started his journey in the world of climbing as a teenager
dreaming of adventures. His dedication to the mountains, honing
his skills across diverse terrains and experiences, is incredibly
inspiring. From sailing to scuba diving to Himalayan climbing.
From developing climbing routes in Mediterranean valleys to
embracing the extremes of India’s slums and luxurious Greek
villas, Vince has absorbed a wealth of experiences that enrich his
guiding abilities.
Settling in Canmore seems like a natural progression for him—a
base camp in the heart of the mountains he loves. His
commitment to guiding and teaching reflects a deep passion not
just for adventure but for sharing that passion with others, helping
them conquer fears, learn new skills, and savour the thrill of
reaching summits or mastering thrilling descents.
The diversity of his experiences, from technical climbing to
backcountry skiing and trail running, showcases a well-rounded
adventurer with a thirst for exploration that seems unquenchable.
His desire to guide across all continents reflects a global
perspective and an insatiable curiosity for varied landscapes and