Don Forest Service Award

An award for distinguished service to the club in matters other than mountaineering

This award was established in 2001; its name was changed to honour Don Forest in 2004.

It is intended, under normal circumstances, that the Don Forest Service Award would be awarded before consideration for the Distinguished Service Award.

Don Forest was born in Hanna, Alberta in 1920. He served during the Second World War as a radio technician in the R.C.A.F. Though he didn’t begin serious mountaineering until he was in his forties, he became the first Canadian to climb all of the 11,000’ers (peaks over 3,353 m) in the Rockies and the Selkirks. He also set another Canadian climbing record in 1991, during an expedition led by Chic Scott, when he became the oldest person (age 71) to reach the West Summit of Mount Logan. Forest was a member of the fabled Grizzly Group; his stamina, skills and endurance were legendary. Don Forest was the President of the ACC in 1975 – 1976, and an honorary member.

Award Eligibility And Contribution Details

In order to be eligible for the Don Forest Service Award, the nominee must:
  • Be an active ACC Member
  • Be acting on a voluntary basis or exceeding value of their remuneration
  • Have contributed significant service to the club or a section over a minimum period of 1 to 5 years in 1 or more of:
    • furthering aims of the club or a section
    • on a committee or project of the club or a section
    • contributing to a large undertaking of the club or a section
    • contributing towards the activities of the club or a section.

      It is intended that the Don Forest Service Award be awarded as a prerequisite to obtaining the Distinguished Service Award.

      Nomination Process:
      Nominations must be made:
      • In writing via the Don Forest Service Award Form
      • By a Club member
      • Before December 31

        • Approval of a nomination requires not less than two-thirds of the voting members of the Awards Committee.
        • Award winners will be announced at the club’s Annual General Meeting.

          Award Format:
          • Plaque describing the award.

Don Forest Service Award

Nomination Deadline

Don Forest Service Award Past Recipients

Jules (Julie) Thomson, Judy Pianka, Tami Knight, Al Jaggi
Doug Rennie, Kit Moore, Jackie Clark
Peter Taylor, Simon Statkewich, Grant Parkin, Tony Nadon, Steve Montgomery, Tim Melville, Terry McIntee, Viggo Holm, Judith Holm, Mark Earle, Ian Bruce, Colin Boyd, Michelle Boulet
Don Wighton, Kevin West, Wayne Vibert, Mike Rogers, Heike Pauli, David Moe, Bill Marriott, Eric Lepage, Martyne Laliberté, David Foster, Brenda Critchley, Elfrieda Bock, Anne Anderson
Marg Rees, Randy Hyvarinen, Oliver Hui, Sheldon Clare
Edie Shackleton, Dave Rothwell, Doug Nelson, Martin Naroznik, Richard Keltie, Mike Hubbard, Jen Chikoski, Len Chackowsky, Felix Camire, Masten Brolsma, Brian Botton, Stephané Beck
Kayla Stevenson, Andrea Petzold, Darrel Newman, Russ Moir, Shannon Finnegan, Yvon Deschambault, John Booth, Joanne Bezanson-Earle, Gary Arnold
Cedric Zala, Karen McGilvray, Murray Levine
Miguel Parent, Chuck O'Callaghan, Rick Hudson, Phee Hudson, Jeannette Fish, David Cormie, Paul Chvostek, Ernst Bergmann
Tak Ogasawara, Heather McCrank, Catrin Brown, Martin Siegert, Bill Scott
Benoit Waller, Ron Rusk, Chris Rogers, Louise Proulx, Clifton Potter, Lindsay Elms, Thérèse Dubé, Steven Craig, Wayne Campbell
Elizabeth Williams, Steve Traversari, Peggy (Margaret) Taylor, Dave Pors, Robin Owens, Myrene Mollison, Paul Hrynkow, Christine Fordham, Dana Engler, Ashton Beaupré
Lara Seward-Guenette, Paul Venziano, Bryan Thompson, Doug Sims, Clifton Potter, Colleen Kasting, Matthew Breakey
Clare Ormerod, George Ormerod, Donna McColl, Tobias Link, Lil Lezarre, Brian Gilchrist, Brad Friesen, Lorne Filewych
Sandy Fransham, Kathryn (Sparky) Russell, Vi Pickering, Anna Milino, Amir Khaniou, Joel Harvie, Don Chodzicki, Liz Bolt, Barry Anderson
Ian Ross, Suzie Poirer, Kristine O'Reilly, Dustin McLachlan, David Hiscock, Karcha Foster, Ken Baxter
Jonathan Wolf, Alex Wilson, Rob Szpak, Jes Scott, Charles Roy, Glen Phillips, Paul Mower, Ian MacNab, Barbara MacDonald, Michael Kennedy, Karen Jenson, Tim Hankinson, Florian Geier, Daniel Geddes, Barbara Baker
Juergen Schmidt, Alex Perel, David Moon, Reid Madiuk, Jessica Ferguson, Paul Dormaar, Geoff Bennett
Shea Goyette, Frank Liszczak, David Bennison, André-Jean Desormeaux, Mathieu Vallée, Charlotte Kruszewski, Deanna Miller, Kathy Hitchings, Zac Robinson
Heather Chamberlain, Janelle Curtis, Katarzyna Dyszy, Lida Frydrychova, Ray Hope, Wayne Cambell, Bill Barrett, Bryan Thompson, Ben Wilkey, Bill Pacholka, Frank Spears
Uri Naprstek, Luc Raymond, Jacques Chevalier, Leigh Freeman, Mandana Amiri, Laura Darling, Lucas Stone, Mark Nielsen, David Cormie, Josée Lavoie, Trisha Burch, Duncan McColl