Hatteras General Mountaineering Camp Artists Week

Explore the Hatteras Group with us!

Hatteras General Mountaineering Camp Artists Week

Explore the Hatteras Group with us!

A mountaineering experience tailored to artistic endeavours

Connection to the ACC community and unforgettable memories

Purpose-built basecamp accessed by helicopter

Sumptuous meals prepared by on-site cooks

Is This Camp For You?

All Abilities!

The GMC is open to all: 16+ years of age, novice to expert, intrepid, or laid-back. Artists week at camp is tailored to the artist at heart! You can expect all the good things about a regular GMC week (helicopter access, fantastic food, ACMG guides, basecamp comfort etc.) but with a few slight differences designed to allow you to pursue your artwork en plein air. Each day you decide which group you’d like to join depending on your ability, fitness, and desired length of day.

Beyond climbing, the Hatteras area offers extensive waterfalls, meadows, forests, boulder fields, and alpine lakes to observe and explore. Artists week at the GMC is your epic “summer art camp in the mountains.”



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Trip Description

Join a tradition of mountain exploration

Each year, the final week of the ACC’s General Mountaineering Camp is focused on those seeking to push their creative, rather than mountaineering, boundaries. This camp is tailored to an artist’s needs with:

  • A slightly shorter format of six rather than eight days (reflected in the lower cost of the camp)
  • An artist-in-residence on hand to guide and advise you with your artwork
  • Artists week guides who are also artists and photographers themselves.
  • Climbing objectives that are generally more modest and days that are generally shorter than during the regular GMC, allowing artists more time to practice their craft
  • A smaller and more intimate group as the GMC begins to pack up and wind down; this more peaceful environment makes the week perfect for capturing the natural beauty of the mountains
  • A family-friendly atmosphere for those seeking to share this experience with loved ones

Our purpose-built base camp allows you to focus on learning skills, making friends, and getting creative. We provide a tailored experience to each participant’s skills and objectives. Let our guides, artist-in-residence and talented volunteer leaders help you explore the mountains and your creative practice at your pace.

Welcome to Hatteras!

The GMC takes place in a new location each year. Helicopter access grants us the privilege of exploring an area that would take days of heavy hiking to access. Sites are chosen for their access to snow, rock, and mountain objectives, along with their beauty, remoteness, and historical significance, and the Hatteras Group is no different.

In the case of Hatteras GMC for 2025, it is a location we have held the GMC before. The GMC has been visiting the Northern Purcells/Bugaboos area since 1946, and with views like this you’ll see why it’s been hard to stay away! Over the years as the Bugaboos have become more developed and accessible, we have been moving the camp slowly northwest along the glaciers, last visiting the nearby area at the Vowel Glacier in 2008. We can’t wait to show you to some of our favourite spots!

Whether you seek to paint or draw remote alpine summits, enjoy gourmet chef-prepared meals at 1,800 metres, or to experience the camaraderie of like-minded individuals, the GMC offers it all. We are expecting high demand for artists week at the Hatteras camp this year.

Note: all of our weeks involve two travel days where guests flying in overlap with those flying out.


Guide Selection Pending

Guides for this trip are still being confirmed.

Our ACMG-certified alpine or full mountain guides will help to orient you at camp. Each day they will lead artist groups on different alpine objectives, keeping the idea of finding great locations for painting and artwork in mind. Guides will be available and happy to answer any questions you may have about the region and the experience.

For the 2025 GMC, we’ve added an additional alpine guide to each week. The combination of guides and ACC volunteer leaders means participants can expect to be in small groups of 3-5 people all day, adding to the enjoyment of the experience through closer interaction with your guides, and ensuring you are able to travel and create at a pace that is right for you.

Our full guiding roster will be listed above as each guide is confirmed.

Mountain Hardwear sponsors the ACC's General Mountaineering Camp. We thank them for their support.


Each evening at camp, a wide range of objectives and opportunities are offered for the following day. These range from casual hikes to longer creativity days out in the mountains. You are in control of the length and difficulty of each day of your GMC experience and if you need some assistance deciding what to do, our amazing staff will be there to help.

Our helicopter-accessed basecamp will be located at 2,100 metres in the Hatteras Range, located at the bottom of the east face of Sugarplum Spire. This central location provides access to a wide variety of incredible views and landscapes. Some of the most notable of the area are listed below:

  • Snowman Peak (2,728m)
  • Krinkletop Mtn (2,789m)
  • Mt. Hatteras (2,941m) — most prominent peak in the area
  • Sugarplum Spire (2,941m)
  • Pirouette Pinnacles (2,713m)
  • and more!

The Hatteras area offers extensive waterfalls, meadows, forests, boulder fields, and alpine lakes to explore.

Day-by-Day Adventure Itinerary

Day 1
Meet early in the morning at the Alpine Helicopters hangar in Golden, BC, then convoy to the helicopter staging area. You and your gear will then be flown into the remote basecamp. Upon arrival, you’ll be introduced and oriented to the camp by our Camp Manager and you will be assigned a tent. You’ll also have the chance to meet some of the guides and to go on a short hike to explore the immediate area.
Day 2-5 (a typical day)
Wake up for a delicious breakfast, then prepare to head into the hills with your group and guides to pursue creative objectives and goals for the day. Dinner will be hot and ready upon your return, followed by conversation, perhaps a few games and some relaxing as you prepare for tomorrow's artistic adventure.
Day 6
After a final breakfast, photos, and goodbyes, you will fly back to the staging area via helicopter.

Food, Accommodation and Rentals


Have you ever had a turkey dinner above 2,000 metres? Evenings will be spent enjoying great food, socializing in the dining or tea tents, and resetting for the next day’s travel and creativity. All of our food is prepared by a team of cooks in a dedicated kitchen tent. Ingredients are flown in fresh each week which means you’ll be treated to meat, fruit, and vegetables (not to mention some killer desserts) throughout the week — no dehydrated dinners here!


During the course of the camp you’ll be assigned a Mountain Hardwear Trango tent with a companion of your choice or a fellow guest. The tents are large (3- or 4-person) so there is plenty of space for both of you and your gear. If you prefer your own personal tent, this is also an option although we do charge an extra fee of $200 for this option, as tents are limited.

There is a communal dining tent, a drying tent, and a tea tent to hang out in with your fellow participants. The camp also has two specially-prepared outhouses for guests as well as two private showers (NOW with hot water!)


If you don't own everything on the gear list and aren't ready to invest in new gear, there are many local businesses that rent the equipment you will need. Be sure to reserve your rentals ahead of time to ensure everything is available for you when you need it.

Coming from the Bow Valley? Check out Gear Up in Canmore where ACC members receive 10% off gear rentals!


  • Return helicopter flights
  • 6 days of guiding and instruction by ACMG-certified guides supported by ACC volunteer leaders
  • Full basecamp setup including tent accommodation, kitchen, communal tents, outhouses, warm showers, garbage removal, etc
  • Meals prepared by a dedicated team of camp cooks (from dinner on day 1 to lunch on the last day)
  • All group gear including ropes, group first aid kit, emergency communication devices, etc

Not Included

  • Transportation between the meeting area in Golden, BC and the staging area (a shuttle bus is available for an additional fee)
  • Personal gear


This area of the Purcells is comprised of both alpine granite and metamorphic layers of phyllite and quartzite. The climbing is described as “some of the most interesting in the northernmost Purcells” by Robert Kruszyna and William L. Putman in their 1997 guidebook of the area. The long ridge lines between peaks allow for some breathtaking traverses as you navigate the complex series of glaciers in the area.

We appreciate that the lands known today as Canada are home to the enduring presence of all First Nations, Métis, and Inuit peoples and we acknowledge the past, present, and future generations of these Nations who continue to lead us in stewarding this land, as well as honour their knowledge and cultural ties to this place.

The Hatteras Group is located on the Traditional Lands of the Secwepemc, Stoney, Ktunaxa, and Confederated Tribes of the Colville Reservation.

Adventure Hazards


What are the Risks?

Cornices and crevasses. Trees, tree wells, and tree stumps. Cliffs, creeks,  rocks and boulders. Holes and depressions below the snow surface. Variable and difficult snow conditions. Snowcat roads and road ranks. Fences and other man-made structures. Impact or collision with other persons, vehicles or objects. Encounters with domestic or wild animals. Loss of balance or control. Becoming lost or separated from the group. Slips, trips, and falls. 

Hazard Mitigation

Mitigated by Trained and experienced Guide.

The use of Radios. 

General Hazards

What are the Risks?

Slips trips and falls indoor or outdoor. Equipment failure. Infectious disease contracted through viruses, bacteria, parasites, and fungi which may be transmitted through direct or indirect contact. Negligence of other persons, including other guests. Negligent first aid. Negligence of the guide Including failure to take reasonable steps to safeguard or protect you from, or warn you of risk, dangers, hazards, on participating in ACC activities

Hazard Mitigation

Developed safety plans and procedures with decades of experience managing risk. 

Rockfall and Icefall

What are the Risks?

Rockfall and icefall can be caused by natural forces or by people travelling through the terrain (e.g. climbing/scrambling/hiking) 

Hazard Mitigation

Mitigated with certified and experienced guides, Helmets 

Falls and Belaying

What are the Risks?

Mountaineering and ice climbing present the risk of falling from the wall causing the climber to collide with the wall or ground which can lead to injury or death. The risk of a belay failure is also present which can contribute to a ground fall.

Hazard Mitigation

Reviewing best practices with the guide.

Equipment checks

Communication and Rescue

What are the Risks?

Communication can be difficult and in the event of an accident, rescue and treatment may not be available. Adverse weather may also delay the arrival of treatment and transport out of the field. If an Injury occurs in challenging terrain movement to an evacuation point may be slow.

Hazard Mitigation

First Aid / Rescue Training.

Satellite Communications

Additional Adventure Resources

The area is described best in Climbers Guide to the Interior Ranges of British Columbia (South) by Robert Krusyna and William L. Putnam (1977).

We sell Tugo® Travel Insurance suitable for both ACC Adventures and personal trips

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Guests who have immediate plans to travel to one of our huts in Jasper National Park please respect the wildfire closures. We will be in contact with guests affected by the closures shortly.

We are asking guests with future reservations at ACC huts in Jasper National Park to please be patient as the situation is evolving. We will update our guests on any future closures as we receive updates from the emergency response teams.