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The Alpine Club of Canada is Canada's national mountain organization. Based in Canmore, Alberta,  the ACC has been a focal point for Canadian mountaineers since 1906. With regional club sections across Canada, membership in the Union Internationale des Associations d'Alpinisme (UIAA), year-round mountain adventures, and an extensive system of alpine and backcountry huts throughout the Canadian Rockies, the ACC has grown from its early inception into a full-fledged mountain organization with a strong foundation of volunteer, professional and corporate support.

The Alpine Club of Canada has a strong cadre of volunteers as well as dedicated office staff. For local activities in your area contact the Section Representative of the section closest to where you reside. They all have weekend activities and many offer courses and camps.

The Alpine Club of Canada is governed by the Constitution and the Bylaws of The Alpine Club of Canada.

    VISION: Preserving, practicing and promoting Canadian mountain culture and self-propelled alpine pursuits.
Préserver, pratiquer et promouvoir la culture alpine canadienne et les activités non motorisées en montagne.